Saturday, 26 September 2009

First steps...

So here are some good deeds that we can all start doing:

1: Remember Allah(SWT)
2: Say kind words
3: Smile sincerely- its charity!:)
4: Start wearing hijab if you dont already (grow a beard if your a guy)
5: Help around the house a lot
6: Do chores for other people
7: Sponser an orphan
8: Pray on time- also... at the time of el fajr call every muslim u know :))(it will make u more more motivated to get up!)
9: Stop swearing- why would we want to use what Allah(SWT) gave us for evil words)
10: Learn Qur'an!... maybe even try to become a hafiz :D
11: Watch T.V. less- read Qur'an more!!

12: Stop listening to music- listen to Qur'an recitation more! :D (listen VERY carefully)

REMEMBER: Intention is very important, ALWAYS make intention! :)

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