Saturday, 26 September 2009

When night falls... zzzzzzzz

Now that the day is ended, the sun has gone down and the stars are twinkling.. its time for us to either pray or get some rest to prepare for our next day in this world (inshAllah).... sooooo heres a few tips for before sleeping...

-recite surah al mulk (if u cant, read it :) ) ..there are many benefits of this surah :D

-do wudhu

- recite surah al ikhlaas, surah al falaq and surah al naas

-recite ayat al kursi

-say "sob7an Allah 2l3zeem w bihamdi" 100 times

- remember Allah (SWT) until you fall asleep :)
- dont forget to sleep on your right side and put your hand on your cheek... its sunnah :)

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