Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Never give up hope :))

 Ok, so yesterday and this morning i was feeling really down. Because i had been working all day and i didnt see any of my only 3 frends that much.. so i felt over stressed and lonely. Brothers and sisters, i completely lost myself, i was soooo stupid in my actions, may Allah forgive me. I read something that reminded me to always have hope in Allah (SWT). I rememberd that all the hardships in this life are a test, and that we must remain patient in order to succeed. So i made du'a and just sat on my bed for a while reciting Qur'an and looking up at the stars, telling myself i must put all my trust in Allah in anything that happens. So im just gonna go with the flow in life:D... It's not for long. Theres a saying; "the parable of a believer is of a plant, it is always open to affliction. It sways one way and then another, just like the way the believers are afflicted with hardship" i couldnt remember the exact words so please forgive me, but it was something like that. lol. So the next day, everythin went a lot better el7amdulillah, so i guess we have to just be patient with the hard days and be thankful for the good in our lives! :D salaam

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