Sunday, 27 September 2009


So today i was feeling a bit hungry, and started to complain... ASTAGHFIRALLAH!!!!!!!..And then my younger brother started complaining... suddenly the images that i saw on the muslim aid documenty flashed in my head.. so i started telling my brother to stop complaining... but that didnt work. So i told him to come, i showed him these pictures below and, he started laughing. Although hes only 6 years old it just shows the type of education and world we are surrounded by. In my opinion, which im sure is shared by most, this attitude towards poverty is scary and, ignorant. So i decided to do this post... brothers and sisters, for most of us we have beautiful houses and a full fridge and freezer. Many of us have so many clothes. Many of us have hot and cold, but more importantly, CLEAN water. We have so much to be thankful for wallahi; there are so many people in the world that are homeless, starving, sick, naked, thirsty and exausted. I think these pictures speak for themselves... have you heard the saying "a picture can mean a thousand words"?(at least i think that was the saying... something like that)... these pictures, no doubt, have many words..And what makes me more angry is the fact that some people are so greedy that theyre endangering their own health, by choice!!!... The people in the earlier pictures have no choice about starving, theyre so thankfull if they just get one slice of bread. Another saying that ive heard is that poor people go to Jannah  and rich people go to hell. Now, in some ways this is absolutely true, especially if used in a metaphoric way. Due to the amount given to rich people, they expect everything to be perfect and complain if they dont get what they want. Their greed takes them to selfishness and ungratefullness, and they forget the true meaning of life. Poor people, however, get little and are so thankfull for what they get, even if it is imperfect in so many ways they're pleased with it, and they thank God for what theyre given.

Now the attitude that this shirt shows is barbaric and inhuman!!..Where do people come up with things like this?

So, brothers and sisters, how about us muslims show everyone that WE do the right thing, WE care about the wellbeing of people that we dont even know. Let us give zakat :), if you are really feeling generous, sponser an orphan or any child in a poor country. If everyone who comes to this site does that, there will be a lot less poverty in the world. Allah (SWT) gave us the ruling of zakat for these reasons ; to gain sympathy towards those who don't have much, to purify ourselves from greed, because everything in this world belongs to Allah (SWT) and He said that some of the money we have belongs to the poor, and to make us more thankful for what we have. So lets go pay zakat!!:D For it is the best cure for greed along with fasting!!!!

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